To all our valued Partners, Clients, Associates, originators, Loan Officers, and staff.

As a company we understand the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. (CORID-19) also known as the Coronavirus has become a public health issue which has led us to create and implement additional workplace policies suitable to combat this critical public problem. Medallion Mortgage is taking steps necessary to ensure that safety and good health is promoted while efficiency and productivity isn’t compromised. Hence, our company is taking precautionary measures to establish and set up systems to work remotely and to avoid day-to-day contacts.

We are implementing the following steps and raising awareness:

  • Our company will share and distribute updated information pertaining to Coronavirus (CORID19) as we obtained them.
  • Increase awareness about Coronavirus (CORID-19). For useful information please visit CDC.ORG website for tailor ready-to-use materials, fact sheets, check lists, and frequently asked questions.
  • If you are sick, then stay home and rest to reduce the risk of spreading the illness to others. Contact your Doctor to seek direction.
  • Until further notice, our strategy is to communicate messages through emails, text messages, and telephone calls. If you don’t have access to an email, please contact a member of the management team and an email address can be prepared for you. Our corporate office number is (888) 339-1331. For a complete list of our corporate directory please contact our COO, Tony Fiorello for the list of individuals which you are trying to reach. Tony’s email address is
  • We encourage all meetings to be conducted via video conferencing. Please contact any member of the management team for details on how to arrange a video conferencing.
  • Avoid traveling if possible. Particularly to regions and states which have been impacted to this illness.
  • Avoid attending seminars and conferences consisting of large crowds.
  • Submit all loan inquiries, scenarios and submissions to;

As usual our goal is to maintain a positive and productive culture in which good health, safety, productivity is fostered and promoted. If you have any questions, please contact us at (888) 339-1331. Respectfully, Medallion Mortgage Inc.