Patriot act

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism, money laundering activities and to prevent identity theft, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person or entity who applies for a loan.

Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act says we must:

• Verify the identity of every person or business entity who seeks to obtain a loan, MCA, RBLA or becomes a signatory on a loan with our company, its lenders, banks, financial affiliates.
• Retain a copy of any document we relied on to verify your identity.

‘Medallion Funds LLC” and its affiliates, independent contractors, agents will follow this law by obtaining a legal issued picture identification,hence, verifying this and other information given by the client such as social security number/tax identification number, birth date, physical address or any other identifying means. All persons are subject to the identity verification requirements even though they may be a long-term clientsof our company or well known to the company. Similar identification requirements will also apply to business entities such as corporations, partnerships and other business ventures. When a business entity is newly formed we will require each signatory’s individual information. “Medallion Funds LLC” pledges to maintain our customer’s confidentiality and supports all efforts to protect our country.

Protecting your information:

The most important element of protecting your confidential information and privacy on the internet is to provide a solid security mechanism against unauthorized access or use of your information provided on this site and other sectors of our company. When providing information on this site, “Medallion Fund’s hosting partner maintainsa real time clock monitoring of our site electronically, and has implemented procedural safeguards that comply with federal guidelines to guard your nonpublic personal and business information against unauthorized access. All employees and associates of our company are subject to a corporate code of ethics and other policies that require maintaining the confidentiality of customer information.

“Medallion Funds” has a world class security process in place to protect your data and privacy transmissions over the Internet. Our website contains a “Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate” to transfer your information across the Internet to us safely. This technology encrypts – or scrambles – the information you provide so it’s virtually impossible for anyone other than “Medallion Funds” to read it. In some cases we give you the option of sending information to us in an encrypted email channel. We may send you an email containing a word “encryption” on the subject line which would require additional security to protect your personal information.

Best Practices Disclosure:

“Medallion Funds LLC” provides products and services through its lending affiliates, lenders and banks. All loans and MCA’s are subject to credit, revenue and occasionally asset verification. The information and opinions in this report were prepared by “Medallion Funds LLC”. Information and opinions have been obtained or derived from sources we consider reliable, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Opinions represented by “Medallion Funds LLC” are for general information purposes only. “Medallion Funds LLC” does not advise you of any change in its opinions or the information contained in this report. This information is provided for education,illustration purposes only. “Medallion Funds LLC, its affiliates, agents, employees do not provide legal or accounting advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisors to determine how this information may apply to your own situation. The strategies discussed or recommended in this report may be unsuitable for some clients depending on their specific objectives. “Medallion Funds LLC”, its agents and affiliates, independent contractorswill be paid a one-time commission in relation to procuring a relationship with a client who is referred to our company and or chooses ‘Medallion Funds’ and on-going revenues for as long as they have an active relationship status with our company.