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Starting your own business, is a big step. Whether your motivation is take control of your financial life or to have more free time with family and friends, you would need to think about receiving rewards which goes with owning business. Generally, there are two ways a business owner can be paid. Receive [...]




Every business owner knows that, the key in selling their products and services is a successful marketing campaign. The intention behind every business’s marketing campaign should be to position the business in front of the target market. Business’s objective must be offering a solution which solves a pain of the target customer. Every [...]


Employee Theft and Fraud


This topic has been discussed by many experts, and consultants. Let look at this critical issue known as employee theft and fraud. The business owner must regularly check the inventory, audit books, reconcile cash, and review financial statements. Additionally, your business must comply with state, and federally regulated agencies as applicable to your [...]

Employee Theft and Fraud2019-01-11T12:20:26-08:00

Policies and Procedures


The enterprise must continually conduct audits of the; Credit and debit card statements Bank statements Accounts receivable and payable Inventory Payroll Also, the following additional policies must be in place; Equal opportunities Substance abuse Attendance Continual update of the benefit packages Technology audits Said functions must be checked by selected qualified team members [...]

Policies and Procedures2019-01-11T12:18:20-08:00
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