Anthony Hosseini
Anthony HosseiniFounder, President & CEO

Medallion Funds Founder, President & CEO, Anthony M Hosseini has been in housing and commercial real estate finance for 30 years. He has completed the first part of his education through RC College of engineering in NY, and completed his civil and structural engineering program at USIU in SD, CA.

Anthony was named as the businessman of the year in the Wall Street Journal for 2005 & 2006 in recognition of meritorious service as an honorary chairman of the business advisory council for outstanding support of the US Government. Anthony’s contribution has been and not limited to the economic impact of the government’s monetary policies on the business segments nationwide.

Anthony oversees the delivery of all products and services throughout Medallion Partners and the Group of Companies platforms including advisory and transaction services, products distribution channel, project management and consulting. His technical background and vision has leveraged our technology as an enabler, assembled a network of high producing partners, and strengthened Medallion Funds expertise in harnessing success through various distribution channels with partner originators and networking with national conventional private lenders and investors, authorized GSE lenders, and such lenders that make certainty of execution possible.

Anthony’s top of the mind awareness has been to corporate governess and for the stockholders, sponsor client’s and partners alike. Anthony serves as the chairman of the board of Medallion Funds & The Group of Companies.