Alexa Hosseini Bio
Alexa Hosseini BioCapital Advisor

A native to finance, I made an entrance into this business during my late teenage years and continued post college graduation. I achieved a Bachelor of Art in business and management in both the domestic and global fronts. As my interest in business developed, I delved into multiple aspects of commercial lending, real estate, and other sectors of finance. My true passion for real estate led me to venture into commercial real estate finance and eventually a position at Medallion Funds, LLC as a Capital Advisor. Over the years, my experience has taught me how to customize smart and creative financing solutions for our clients. Additionally, I know that our clients have options and through an outstanding customized approach, I will provide my clients, with the most satisfying experience, as I work tirelessly in meeting your specific needs. I take advantage of social platforms and relationships with many capital sources to craft a world class solution each time. The knowledge and skills I have acquired combined with an emphasis on service allows me to provide a satisfying, and tailored experience. Whether you are looking to purchase commercial space, expand your real estate portfolio or are looking for investment properties, I will put in the extra effort to ensure that your experience is of the highest quality.