Working capital loans can help your business to pay for operational costs, such as payroll, rent and other debt payments. It provides your business the flexibility to cover its day-to-day expenses, and an opportunity to grow whether organically or in-organically. Working capital isn’t meant to be for large purchases.

alternative lender such as “Medallion Funds” can provide your business with the working capital it needs to accomplish its objectives.  Working capital financing options include a term loan, a business line of credit or a revenue based loans.

If your company is in the business-to-business space and may potentially have gaps in cash flow, you may consider accounts receivable financing, or factoring as a good option when you’re short of cash.

Through “Medallion Funds” Market-Place platform, we are able to provide fast financing to any size business. Our lenders can provide financing of up to 20 Million dollars as little as 7 working days.

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Working capital financing options include term loans, business lines of credit and revenue based loans.